CES 2014: JVC GZ-R70 and GZ-R10 are Tough Guys

JVCs two new cameras GZ-R70 and GZ-R10 bring action-camera-durability to the traditional camera form factor. Like the aging action star, these show promise of no excuse good video. When JVC asks for proofing, they mean it, with IPX8 certification, both the GZ-R10 and GZ-R70 can be submersed under 16 feet of water, and for most of us, that's as far as we'll want to go. If you've ever put a camera in freezing water (nods knowingly), you know you're testing a camera's limits, and these two from the Everio line give you some room to breath easy with usability down to 14 F and 10 C. Then while you're on land, or at least grabbing air in action sports, the shock and dustproof features will factor in. The drop distance is less than five feet, so not something you'll want to mess with much, but it's much better than many electronics out there.

[image:blog_post:37574]On to the video capability right? Almost, since the GZ-R70 and GZ-R10 are being made durable, we'd like the battery to last, so try 4.5 hours, and no worrying about picking up extras, the internal battery eliminates any need to swap batteries in hostile weather. With the camera set, you can finally start shooting with the back-illuminated sensor and JVC's Falconbrid system. Another consideration that you might have missed in planning your outdoor shooting adventure is audio, JVC didn't forget, the K2 technology helps restore audio and clean up wind noise. If you've had any trouble using your Everio footage with iMovie or Final Cut Pro, functionality with these should be no problem.

In mentioning these features, the GZ-R10 and GZ-R70 differ in memory and cost (if JVC follows their own trend one the R70 will have 16GB and the R10 will have none). The GZ-R70 is $500 and available in April 2014 while the GZ-R10 is $400 and available in March 2014.

Check out the GZ-R70 on the CES Show Floor[vm_playwire_video_1]

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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