CES 2014: Geonaute 360 Goes All Around

Round camera with three lenses and a digital readout

Geonaute 360 is an action camera, though not like you've come to think about action cameras. We often associate an action camera with a wide angle lens anywhere from 120-170 degrees of view is common. The Geonaute 360 more than doubles those by using three lenses, each with their own 8MP sensor. Though it does get a little dense at 9oz. that's because a lot of functionality is packed into this droid-look-alike camera.

The Geonaute 360 is capable of 2k video at 25fps which is 2048x1024p for those of you counting pixels. With the options for 4k photos being among the excellent photo options a time-lapse mode is included. Did we mention the robot form factor of this little camera? It looks like it belongs on the Axiom for an indefinite space cruise, and should be very durable since it'll withstand submersion in less than one meter of water for 30 minutes. Geonaute sought to keep a few things familiar like recording in the familiar H.264, MP4 format and microSD cards. The most unfamiliar part may be the 25fps, until more details become available, you may need to brush up on your NTSC and PAL differences. With a price of $499, it rightly so has plenty of features built in. The apps for iOS and Android will also help the usage of the Genaute 360, so get excited about action cameras if you aren't already, the world around you can be captured.

three images of the top and underside of a cylindricalcamera

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Mon, 01/06/2014 - 12:24pm

Press Release

CES 2014 
January 7-10 – LVH Convention Center, Las Vegas 
San Francisco – December, 17 – Come and discover the GEONAUTE 360, the 
first 360° action camera of its kind on the market, at the CES on January, 7th to 
 in Las Vegas, and at the Showstopper on January, 7th, at Wynn Hotel. 
During the must-attend event of the year, stop by the GEONAUTE 360 booth at 
CES (LVCC, SOUTH HALL 2, #25721), with the world’s first 360 action camera. It's 
been exactly a year since GEONAUTE showcased its very first 360 prototypes. 
Thrilled by the enthusiasm encountered with this proof of concept, GEONAUTE is 
back this year at CES 2014 for an exclusive launch of the final GEONAUTE 360 
camera and its complete range of services. 
Its 3 wide-angle lenses, each with an 8MP sensor, captures a unique 360° spherical 
image, creating stunning 2K videos and 4K photos. This unique camera not only 
will change the way you film, but also the way you watch videos, by truly immersing 
you into all the action. 
Come and meet Justin Schneller, Product Manager, Bruno Legras, Technical 
Director and Marian Le Calvez, Communication Manager, they would be happy to 
offer you a tremendous demo of the GEONAUTE 360! 
Geonaute is the Oxylane brand for new technologies applied to sports, which develops intuitive and 
networked products. Its simple services add a touch of fun and a new approach to daily activity and 
sports philosophy. Created in 2008 as a component brand known as Geonaute Technology; since 
2011, Geonaute is a passion brand, aiming to make technology in sports accessible to all. Today, we 
are a team of 50 sports enthusiasts, passionate about new technology, who work together every day 
on the design, development and production of products and services accessible to everyone.