Versatile cage for protection and additional mounting options

Action cameras are fun little items. Their lightweight bodies with numerous accessories make them a go-to solution for capturing that hard-to-get shot. The GoPro Hero 3 is a fan favorite for the action camera crowd, due in part to its affordable price, clean image, and the seemingly mythic indestructibility of its construction. That's the issue, it's easy to fall under of the spell of the GoPro Hero 3 and forget that it's a camera. A precision optical instrument that does break under stress. Genus, a maker of camera rig hardware, recently released the Genus GoPro Cage for use with the GoPro Hero 3.

Genus GoPro Cage


The Genus GoPro Cage is an aluminum block cage made to hold the GoPro Hero 3. The camera mounts to the interior of the Genus GoPro Cage and the cage's back plate is then bolted into place, completely surrounding the camera. This provides a great deal of protection for the GoPro Hero 3. A unique feature to the Genus GoPro Cage is that each side of the cage, excluding the front, has multiple 3/8" and 1/4" thread mounts. These mounting holes throughout the cage's body allow it to be fastened and attached in a great variety of positions with a large number of standard mounting accessories. The Genus GoPro Cage works with the GoPro Hero 3 in its naked state and with the Hero 3 splash housing. The cage also features a built-in 52mm filter thread, allowing glass filters to be directly mounted to the cage body. The Genus GoPro Cage sells for $99.

Chris "Ace" Gates is an Emmy Award-winning freelance writer and video producer.

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Chris Ace Gates
Chris "Ace" Gates is a four time Emmy Award-winning writer and producer. He is a big fan of animation and transmedia storytelling.