Video Editing Techniques - 5 Things to Try in Your Editing App

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don't you think it's about

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don't you think it's about time your magazine recognized HITFILM ULTIMATE 2 as an Editing that is as good or better (especially price) than then tools that your company pontificates?


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It seems that the larger the country, the more insular its people are. I have never visited the USA, but from New Zealand have eight times travelled to parts of Australia, and the ignorance of people in each state about what takes place in other states never ceases to astound me. I fear the same applies with US reviews of products and especially video editing software. The world does not begin and end with the products of 'Avid', 'Adobe Premiere', 'Final Cut Pro' and 'Sony Vegas'. What of 'Cyberlink', German 'Magix' software and 'Lightworks' to name just a few. So I think that 'GodzillaSr' has a legitimate gripe up-to-a-point. And should you wish to know what I edit with, it is Magix 'Video Pro-X' or mostly its consumer-level equivalent 'Movie-Edit Pro-Plus 2016', if for no better reason than the fact that it now has the 'Main Concept' HEVC codec built-in. My ancilliary software, as used for putting a polish on my audio etc. comes from many sources, including France, Germany and 'The Komi Republic' (Voxengo) which is a large autonomous region within the Russian Federation. Your publication, which by the way I appreciate, goes out internationally and a more international perspective on products and services, could only benefit everyone concerned, in my opinion.