White balance filter for DSLR videography

A good white balance filter can make all the difference between a good looking video and one that appears to be slightly off. The proliferation of DSLR videography changed the video landscape, videographers are using tools they never used before to create great video.

Shoulder mounted video cameras were easy to white balance; aim the camera at a white card under the lights and press the white balance button. It was even easier when the camera had presets and an internal white balance filter; set the toggle to the sun icon for natural sunlight and to the light bulb icon for indoor incandescents.

The long list menu displays annd inner workings of a DSLR camera run the risk of throwing off the technical regimen of the video enthusiast. While DSLR cameras are handy for getting great shots out in the field, they can sometimes leave their owners stranded. A white balance card is convenient in the studio but often absent on spur of moment outdoor shoots. The ExpoDisc 2.0 from ExpoImaging provides a convenient white balance filter solution for the DSLR shooter.

The ExpoDisc 2.0

The ExpoDisc 2.0 is a white balance filter that helps the DSLR videographer set the white balance and exposure setting. the ExpoDisc 2.0 works by being placed in front of the camera lens, capturing the incident light, allowing users to set their white balance. The ExpoDisc 2.0 comes with several selectable warming gels for users to craft the mood and colored nuance of their image.

The color adjustments made internally by the camera are more accurate when using incidental light than by using only the camera's auto-white balance function.

The ExpoDisc 2.0 costs $49.

Chris "Ace" Gates is a four time Emmy Award-winning freelance writer and video producer. 

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Chris Ace Gates
Chris "Ace" Gates is a four time Emmy Award-winning writer and producer. He is a big fan of animation and transmedia storytelling.