New DJI Quadcopter Takes Aerial Videography to New Heights


Just don't call it a drone.

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Just don't call it a drone. Call it a RC Model, stay below 400' and follow the FAA RC model rules and you're OK. Clarified for a five day commercial shoot we're about to start

Drone vs RC

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If it flies unmanned and is used for any purpose that can be considered commercial (for hire, website, promotional material, etc), the FAA can put the hammer down on you. You can call it an RC hobby device until it becomes considered commercial, then it is patently illegal.

I sent email to the regional FAA folks, they were clueless and told me to check with my local field office. Bottom line, you can call it what you want but the FAA can and will stick you with a hefty fine. Until 2015 when the new regulations are expected out, you are treading on thin ice.


Was going to pick the original version up, but having second thoughts.