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Panasonic AG-AC8PJ


What? No SDI out? No XLR in??

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I know SDI connections might be reserved for the more professional cameras, but it's a shame this camera does not have (or it appears not to have) SDI outputs else I would have seriously considered this camera for news work. Regularly we have to hook up with link trucks that require SDI outputs from the camera we are using.


And no XLR connectors? That's two reasons I won't be using one for news work. What a shame!


Great "second camera" or event camera for the price, however.

Good camera for the price

Cameras with XLR and HDSDI are at a different price point. Here are some camera strengths: 

1. Big. The camera is less likely to be dropped by a student or beginning videographer.

2. Folks are running sound through a different recorder for DSLR shooting, why not do the same for this camera? Run sound through existing audio equipment.

3. 3 year warranty

4. Lots of zoom


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