Nikon D610 Digital Camera

DSLR cameras are now a staple of video. Consumer and prosumer video creators who desire the cinematic look created by shallow depth of field and interchangeable lenses turn to the reasonably priced DSLR market for solutions, without the expense of a high end digital cinema camera. There are trade offs, but it’s undeniable that DSLR cameras have their place in video production.

D610 Nikon Digital Camera

Nikon announced today the Nikon D610, an upgrade to last year’s D600. This is a durable Full HD video capable camera suitable for the video professional and enthusiast. In the range of DSLRs, the D610 sits toward the upper end of the spectrum. The magnesium alloy, gasketed body provides the user with as sturdy camera platform that can withstand the rigors of field production.  As stated by Masahiro Horie, Nikon’s Director of Marketing and Planning, “The Nikon D610 is a tool to help us capture and share our creative vision with all the benefits of a full frame sensor, including expanded depth-of-field control, wide dynamic range, high image quality, low noise, fine color, and low-light capability.”

Video Features

There are several features that make the Nikon D610 a desirable tool for individuals creating DSLR video. It is capable of recording full HD video in both 30p and 24p frame rates, recording H.264 .mov files to internal storage. The D610 features dual SD memory card slots, allowing the user to format one slot for overflow, as a copy/backup card, or assign one card to video and the other for still images. The later being useful for individuals recording multimedia for events, it makes organizing files much easier. The D610’s HDMI output allows for full frame uncompressed 1080p HD video to an external recording device or monitor. Audio is recorded as Linear PCM through a stereo microphone input. The Nikon D610 will be available later this month with a suggested retail price of $1999.95 for the camera body only.

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