Follow Focus Revisited: Zacuto Z-Drive and Tornado

Zacuto Z-Drive and Tornado


DSLR mania

Using DSLR's for video production has become a cult! When mentioned, in the same breath, in hushed tones, we hear about the much sought after shallow depth of field! As if the only way to achieve sdf is with a DSLR . . . . Look at this picture! What could possibly justify such a kludge!  . . . . or maybe this cyborg lashup is what is really at stake, here? Isn't there really a mystique surrounding the videographer who is willing to be seen in public with all that crap hanging on him?
JEEZ! gimme a good camcorder! . . .  something I can grab, switch on and begin shooting . . . . something without all those bits and pieces which are subject to snagging on clothing or other gear!