5 Camcorder Questions to Ask Before You Buy

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Advice to help your choice.....

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I always try and lay my hands on a manual related to a product before making up my mind on a purchase. A manual contains all the essential information regarding the product without the hype, bull.... and superlatives contained in advertising blurb. Then, if there are any points to be cleared-up pre-purchase, 'ask', as close to the source as possible. Short of actual field-trials, (which may or may not be possible), that is the best way to know exactly what it is you are committing your cash to. Much the same applies with software.

Manufacturers of the quality product know they have nothing to fear from allowing you a limited time to play with it. Almost all of my video and audio-related software has been purchased on that basis of 'knowing what you are in-for', and I have had very few disappointments as a result.

5 Questions to Ask before buying a camcorder--Add SERVICE

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I think you left out a very important factor: SERVICE! How easy is it to call the manufacturer and get questions answered? Although I was seriously interested in Sony, especially since a good salesman said, "Well, you know they invented color!" BUT I remembered how great Canon has been at answering questions constantly by phone during my freshman education with my Canon Vixia HF10HD camcorder. Canon and Sony prosumer camcorders seemed pretty equal but Canon's A+ telephone service tipped the scales to a G-30 camcorder buy for me, especially after I heard from several sources that Sony's service is not very good. It was a good choice. I have had to use their telephone service several times and love the G-30 camcorder. Moreover, I'm getting professional, paid jobs with the G-30.