Infrared Time Lapse video

Time lapse videos are much more common now than they were in the past. Today’s cameras and software packages make it easy to stitch one together. DSLRs, when equipped with a intervalometer, are capable of capturing breathtaking landscapes, painted by the path of the sun.

The Day Wonderland Stood Still…

The beauty of time lapse videos is found in what exists within a setting as time moves past it. The position of light, clouds, people, and the seasons can all change but the beauty of that which stands still is highlighted by it’s ever changing drapings. Just a few days ago, Bruce W. Berry Jr posted a time lapse video on Vimeo, “The Day Wonderland Stood Still…”. It is a spectacular display of color using the city of Philadelphia as a backdrop. What makes Mr. Berry’s time lapse video unique is his use of infrared photography to achieve his results. He states on his Vimeo post, “All scenes were shot around Philadelphia using my full-spectrum digital camera and a yellow filter. A full spectrum camera is a camera that has had it's IR blocking filter removed, allowing the camera to see into the infrared. The yellow filter blocks all visible light up to yellow and allows infrared to pass through.” This technique is used in still photography. When translated into video it creates a uniquely surreal experience.

Technology and art

This video is a great example of how we can craft beautiful video by subtracting technology from our toolkit. The subtraction of Mr. Berry’s IR blocking filter and use a yellow filter changed the entire visual dynamic of his imagery. This was an intentional choice and an artistic decision he was able to make by having a technical understanding of how his camera works. Knowledge put into action can create something beautiful.

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