VLC 2.1 Rincewind

The numerous codecs, formats and platforms on the market for playing back video can be a confusing mess at times. The introduction of various mobile platforms has created greater confusion for playing back files. Can file A be played on device B? And if so, what video player is needed in this situation? There are a number of video players out there, many proprietary (or at least favorable) to a particular computing platform and each favorable to a particular format or two. Many people have found the VLC player to be a shining beacon in the obscure density that is video playback. VLC offers up a common solution that works across platforms and boasts the ability to handle just about any file format thrown at it.

VLC 2.1 Rincewind

VLC is a free open-source media player that works across all platforms. It is capable of playing just about every codec out there without the need to download separate codec packs. Part of what makes VLC incredibly powerful is that since it is open source, it provides a framework upon which the open-source community continues to build. It was just announced that the newest version of VLC, 2.1 “Rincewind” is available for download.

New features

VLC 2.1 features a new audio core that offers greater efficiency, improved audio support, and increased device management, all of which are important for mobile platforms. “Rincewind” is built to be ready for the oncoming influx of Ultra-HD (4k) video. There is also increased support for more codecs and formats. It’s a free open-source application, available for all platforms, including the newly released iOS 7.

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