The Four Microphone Pickup Patterns Every Videographer Should Know

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I'm trying to improve my audio quality for my videos I make motovlogs. I'm wondering if there is anything that can help me pick up the audio in my helmet clearly(when I talk) and to lessen the background noise mainly the wind noise

In-helmet Microphones

I have never done a motovlog. Sounds cool though! -- I have ridden motorcycles and scooters and driven race cars for years though, so I know well how noisy it can be inside a helmet. -- There is no good way to eliminate all that noise, but I would venture to say that your best bet for recording usable audio would be to use a lavalier mounted inside a full-face helmet. The trick would be to mount it in a place where it is away from direct wind. I would try running it through the top of the helmet so it peeks out just above your forehead, or taping it to the inside of the face shield. -- Ultimately, the only way to know is to experiement, but the lav is definitely your best bet. No other mic would fit inside your helmet. =) -- Se safe! ...and happy miking!




I use a Canon T4i & a Zoom

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I use a Canon T4i & a Zoom H4n. I connect my Zoom to the camera at times so that I don't have to sync voice in post-production. The sound on the Zooms memory card sounds great but on the camera's card, there is "noise". Could this be because the cable I am using is not a good quality connector (because its not) or is there something else I'm not getting?