Zoom Reveals the H6 Advanced Portable Recorder

When it comes to capturing excellent audio for video, producers in the know either record using a detached microphone or record the audio on a separate device for more control and overall best quality. Many of Videomaker’s forum members use the Zoom H2 in their productions with great success,and will be pleased to know that Zoom is introducing a new addition to its portable recorder lineup: the Zoom H6.


The Zoom H6 features will offer users endless possibilities, and, like previous models, the H6 is still small and portable. the H6 can handle six tracks of simultaneous recording and a system input capsule. What this means is that you can swap between four different capsules (stereo X/Y, MS (Mid-side), Shotgun and dual XLR/TRS combo capsules,) which could prove quite handy for a broad variety of locations. The Zoom H6 has four XLR/TRS combo jacks inputs with their own gain control and pad switch, as well as phantom power in three different voltages (+12V, +24V and +48V).

Below are some features the H6 includes:

  • Large full-color display
  • Records to SD, SDHC and SDXC cards up to 128 GB
  • MP3 and BWF-compliant WAV file formats
  • Stereo Line Out for connections to camcorders

The Zoom H6 will be available in stores July 2013.


Luis Maymi Lopez
Luis Maymi Lopezhttps://lomaymi.com
Luis Maymi is a video producer and a Adobe Certified Professional.

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