Low-light Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Footage Now Online

Blackmagic beta tester, John Brawley, is back with more footage from the new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. This time, John took the Blackmagic out on a rainy night in Sydney, Australia. The footage was shot at 800 and 1600 ISO with a variety of lenses (you can find a detailed description on John's Blog).

The results are stunning. No noise reduction was added to the footage, though it does have a light grade. Based on what we can tell (and considering Vimeo's compression), the shadows are pretty clean. Furthermore, the wide dynamic rage is evident as well. With the exception of a few very dark shots, much of the detail in the shadows are preserved, while maintaining nice looking highlight hot spots. What is less evident is whether or not the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera retains the sharpness of its older sibling, the original Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Though, again, that may have something to do with Vimeo's compression. Until we see a side-by-side comparison similar to OneRiver Media's demonstration from last year, I don't know that we'll get an accurate gauge for how aggressive the compression on the CinemaDNG footage, applied by the camera itself, really is.

Take a look at the footage below and read Jown Brawley's full post here.

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