Avid Media Composer 7 Released to the Public

The latest edition of the editing software used by Hollywood pros is finally for sale — at a price that makes it affordable for video editors everywhere.

Back at the NAB conference in April, we spent time with Avid Media Composer 7 and were impressed with its innovative features. A highlight of the software is the high-res workflow capabilities that make it simpler to work with video like 4K. The FrameFlex tools let you work directly in HD from high-res sources while efficiently managing all the image reframing and keyframing.

Video editors will also appreciate the automated media management which keeps distracting technicalities in the background. Files are quickly and automatically transcoded, copied, and consolidated, leaving you with more time to creatively edit. But the most exciting feature of the software may be the price. Avid Media Composer 7 starts at $1,000, which means that for the first time, the technology and quality that we’ve come to expect from Avid products is accessible to a much larger pool of video editors.

Stay tuned to Videomaker for a full review.


Lizi Urbanowicz is an independent writer and video enthusiast.

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