graphic image of the right and left brain

Here at Videomaker, we often delve into the academic fundamentals of video production. We try to boil everything down to the “right way” of doing things. From proper organization, to attaining the perfect exposure with the ideal framing, right on down to best practices for editing and exporting your project. But time and time again, as we research for our training videos and articles, we run up against a simple fact. Video production is a messy and delicate balance between science and art. The complex technology that goes into making video cameras, lights, microphones, and software is astounding, and the tools we have at or disposal have gotten smaller, more powerful, and more affordable. But the ultimate goal of video production is to create a final product that is engaging, informative, or just plain fun, and there's nothing scientific about that. The technology provides us the tools, but our creativity drives the way we use them.

For every video rule we teach, there is almost always a good reason to break it in certain situations. For those of us whose brains are practically split right in the middle between right (creative) and left (logical) it can be maddening to search for the definitive answers our left brains demand. Just peruse any forum and you're bound to find numerous approaches to get the same result. But the right side of our brains relish in the vast gray area that allows various creative solutions to the same problem.

It's important to remember from time to time that video production doesn't occur in a bubble, and that an endless combination of logistical, technical, and artistic factors are constantly at play. What works in one situation perfectly may yield terrible results in another, and that can be frustrating sometimes. Still, we push forward, trying to make sense of it all, mixing time tested techniques along with innovative new ones to get those artistic ideas out of our heads, and onto the screen.

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