Polaroid XS80

If you’re planning an adventure where you'll need to cross a river, bike your way through the forest or climb a mountain, including an action camera in your video kit can help you relive the fun later. Better yet an affordable model such as the newest Polaroid XS80 mountable HD action camera.

The Polaroid XS80 provides users with the ability to take 1080p video at 30 frames per second, is built in a tough waterproof housing with anti-shake technology, is shock and impact resistant and it only weights 3.9oz.

Polaroid XS80 specs and information:

  • HD 1080p, HD 720p, VGA
  • Waterproof up to 30’
  • Motion record (video and photo)
  • 16MP, 5MP, 3MP VGA
  • 3 Photo Modes (single, burst (10), time lapse (1,5,10,30,60))
  • Micro SD Card up to 32GB
  • 120 Degree field of view
  • G Sensor (auto rotation)
  • Anti-Shake
  • Built in Lithium ion battery
  • HDMI output
  • High Impact & Shock Proof

The Polaroid XS80 has a suggested retail price of $130 with a limited one-year warranty. The Polaroid XS80 is currently available at www.polaroid.com and select retailers. 

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Luis Maymi Lopez
Luis Maymi is a video producer that enjoys writing and editing video. He an Adobe Certified Professional and, in his spare time, go on exhilarating outdoor adventures like hiking, rock climbing, and kayaking.