NAB Show 2013 to Bring Innovative Technology and Products to Las Vegas


The NAB Show contains sights sounds, smells and products, that will be yours courtesy of your Videomaker editorial team. We'll do our annual awards to highlight the biggest products to know about, and likely touch on some that you'll simply drool over.

The biggest companies will be there, including the ones you might never hear about unless you command a workstation in a master control room. We've been doing our best to navigate the loads of prep materials sent by these companies to focus on products that are most applicable to you. Part of our consideration is simply what you like to read, so support what you want more of and be on the look out for news from Audio-Technica, Canon, Dell, Hive Lighting, ikan Corporation, Kessler Crane, Roland Systems Group, Sennheiser, Vision Research, and we may not even get to each of these. You can be sure we'll have our eyes trained on 4k monitors – especially their pricing, powerful plasma and LED lights, video delivery hardware/software and your favorite, cameras and their support gear.

New technologies will also be a focus at the 2013 NAB Show with HTML 5, cloud capabilities, 4k and mobile innovations. There's going to be a lot packed into just a few days. Please check back here, and delve deeper there, and we may also cover a few startup companies through SPROCKIT. 

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
Jackson is a fan of Star Wars, sports, foley, and games of all kinds.

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