NAB 2013 Spotlight Award – Shure DSLR LensHopper VP83F


Videomaker awards an NAB 2013 Spotlight Award to Shure for the LensHopper VP83F.

Among the DSLR-centric products we've seen, none have done what Shure does with the VP83F LensHopper. Combine an on-camera shotgun mic with the ability to record audio and you get a very compact and efficient audio option for shooting video. The supercardioid pattern of the VP83F will help you get audio from the right area, and for all the adjustments you'll need to make, there are 60 increments of 1dB to get it just right. The Rycote shock mount and recording at 24-bit/48kHz sampling rate should keep your sound professional. With pricing undetermined we'll continue to get creative with our DSLR/audio setup until summer 2013 when the VP83F will become available.


Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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