NAB 2013 Spotlight Award – DJI Phantom


Videomaker awards an NAB 2013 Spotlight Award to DJI for the Phantom.

We've been looking at flying camera stabilizers for quite some time, mainly because cameras are becoming lightweight enough for small craft like the Phantom. Simplicity and cost are what make the Phantom so attractive, and what will be even better is the range of shots you will be able to record. The remote controlled unit comes practically ready to fly and appears to be remarkable good at holding a steady position. The remote control requires 4 AA batteries and will be able to control the Phantom as far as 300 meters. A Naza-M autopilot system helps you achieve a better flight, and allows for some failsafes including a fly-home feature in case the Phantom ends up out of range. The Phantom package includes a mount for a GoPro camera, and could take off with cameras weighing about 2lb. The price range for camera supports can get up there, and for specialized supports it's even tighter – for $679 we imagine many will try their hand at some new POV opportunities.


Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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