NAB 2013 Spotlight Award – Canon XA25



Videomaker awards an NAB 2013 Spotlight Award to Canon for the XA25.
For the run and gun shooter, Canon created the XA25. Top-notch recording is a staple for Canon's cameras, so the XA25 is no exception and can record AVCHD and MP4 at 28 Mb/s and 35Mb/s respectively. Full 1080p at 60 frames per second is a nice benchmark on which the XA25 rests. Another hallmark of quality video is great audio which is a lot easier to capture with XLR inputs, so Canon includes a pair. When it comes to accessing the video from remote locations, you might not care about Wi-Fi, but sharing video via FTP is a different ballgame. Of course, the dimensions of the XA25 are a consideration and at a length/height of about 9-inches and 7-inches including the mic, Canon kept it compact. The extensive features rolled into one solid camera from an exceptional line of cameras are sure to help the XA25 deliver for $3,000. 
Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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