Camera rig offset with indicator of horizontally shifted construction

ikan has a host of floating camera rigs and new gear to carry your camera. Here's the skinny on a few substitutes for sticks. The EV2 Grip Handles are a pair of actually skinny products, aluminum at their core, and mountable with any 15mm rod. The non-slip rubber handles make for nice handling and the 1/4-inch-20 holes should make assembling your rig easy. The three options are an inch different in length and $10 per inch starting at $70. We'll touch on camera support more, but take notice of the Monitor Support, the handles angle away from monitor sides for easy access. If you're like us you'll have a recorder or some other device looking for a place to be mounted near the monitor, for $149, the Monitor Support can be that platform.

Let's take it up a class with the Flyweight Offset DSLR Shoulder Rig. The components of this shoulder mount allow you great control in getting your camera positioned for shooting. Some of these pieces of equipment should be looking familiar – the offset and vertical adjustment parts are the big additions. You'll be able to add quick release tripod plates as well as larger wedge plates, and for $549 this is good competition for other shoulder mounts. There's practically a separate catalog of ikan supports for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, literally at the top, you may add a Blackmagic Adjustable Top Handle which most importantly has a non-slip grip. The 1lb. handle should be hefty and adjust well with a rosette system and riser for separation, it costs $100. Another way to get away from a tripod is the Tri-Fly Cinema Camera Handheld Rig. Take the Blackmagic Adjustable Top Handle and complete the kit with the specially vented baseplate, a pair of handles and 9-inch rods. This gives you an efficient rig that is more handles than anything, but that's what we're going for, and the Tri-Fly Cinema Camera Handheld Rig goes for $349.

There's plenty more new products from ikan, these were just the ones we thought you could handle.

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