NAB 2013 – Autodesk Refines Tools in the 2014 Entertainment Creation Suite


With workflows for film and animation distributed, big productions have become decentralized. To help understanding, the major software producer – Autodesk gave us a brief outline of the life of a 3D model. A 3D model will have an example in reality, this would be: 

1) a photo or video of someone or something

2) that media would then be recapped via a cloud service that allows viewing and commenting

3) this image gets its structural base in the Mudbox

4) then in Maya the details of the model are finished, textures and more are added.

Maya 2014 has DirectX 11 and new tools like a shader, grease pencil and new paint effects for surface and volume attributes. MotionBuilder 2014 helps creators pre-visualize, and create virtual cinematography. MotionBuilder has seen development with James Cameron and Weta Digital, and has Linux OS support. The new tools for this builder are a ruler, custom renderer API, and file referencing API which is more interactive. Softimage 2014 features a camera sequencer and crowd FX enhancements. The FBX support is extended to help a project move between programs. Mudbox 2014 provides digital sculpting, advanced retopology tools, and more multi-touch in the workflow. Finally 3ds Max 2014 has DX11 viewport rendering, uses an augmented particle flow system and can help you populate crowds, even put people in paths or in idle areas and each with individual motion.

[image:blog_post:32127]This entire suite is available for $8,395 with smaller combinations for less. A standard suite is $5,775 and includes 3ds Max, MotionBuilder, Mudbox and the Sketchbook Designer which is included in each suite. The forecast is to see these great animating software programs go to work for the gaming and mobile 3D gaming industry, and best of all, the scheduled shipping date is April 12.


Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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