Cinema 4D to be integrated in next version of After Effects

 A couple of years ago I posted on Videomaker forums a topic which explained my guerrilla attempt to import 3D models (from Google SketchUp) using a rather complicated process involving Photoshop and a pretty ridiculous After Effect composition with outrageous 3D axis values.

Fast forward to 2013 Adobe Systems Inc, and MAXON, the developer of CINEMA 4D, announced they have entered into a strategic alliance to give users a seamless 2D/3D foundation. Rejoicing this moment, and certainly mourning my honorable guerrilla attempt, I’m happy to say that 3D motion designers are up to a seamless enhancement to their artistic freedom.


Thanks to the seamless integration, so much information is passed from CINEMA 4D to After Effects that now color correction, changes in lighting, changes to textures, masks and transparency effects can be made – without having to re-render the scene. You can import a .c4d file from CINEMA 4D (version 11 or later) into After Effects and use the 3D scene and its elements directly within After Effects. Another impressive feature is that any changes you make to an imported .c4d file will be automatically updated in the After Effects project.


With this integration you will be able to easily add a beautiful 3D text into title sequences or simply make buildings explode in your next feature film. Without a doubt, CINEMA 4D is an ideal supplement for Adobe After Effects.


For more information visit Maxon website

Luis Maymi Lopez
Luis Maymi Lopez
Luis Maymi is a video producer and an Adobe Certified Professional.

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