Best Light of NAB 2013 – Zacuto PlaZma


Videomaker's Best Light of NAB 2013 is the Zacuto PlaZma light.

It's hard not to like the light from the Zacuto PlaZma. This technology has been in development for some time with Zacuto, and shipping models are sure to be scrutinized since the plasma element in video lighting is so young. The quality of light that we have seen is excellent, since the PlaZma has so much going for it. A characteristic of the PlaZma light is that it is very diffused, and that means it's easy to look at, and your talent will appreciate it. Another key characteristic is the flatness of the PlaZma light, enabling more freedom in placement. The tiny pockets of plasma that provide the lighting element have a strong color rendering index at 90 and are very bright at 2,000 lumens, and won't get hot to the touch. At $1,350 users will enjoy costs similar to LED lights, and the wait will continue until late summer of 2013 as Zacuto has planned, for the shipping of the PlaZma light.

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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