VideoStudio Pro X6 is a Fast-Moving Editor from Corel Corporation


Edit video with VideoStudio Pro X6, an $80 software program designed for anyone that wants a video editing software between the program that comes pre-installed with your computer and professional programs that cost upwards of $600. Corel's newest VideoStudio possesses features that will pique the interest of any editor.

Motion tracking, is one of those techniques you might associate with large-scale productions, VideoStudio Pro X6 shatters that notion by providing tracking tools, multiple simultaneously trackable visual effects. Your video can have a picture in a picture and mimic a motion path later. There are times you want to use motion tracking without a moving subject, and custom motion tracking makes this possible. If you've ever wanted to blot out a couple license plates for a car chase, try your hand with VideoStudio Pro X6's security mosaics. On the more exciting spectrum, you can simulate images on a screen by tracking motion with keyframes.

This video editing software is quite a pairing for action camera users, with quick cutting and adjustable exposure. The 21 tracks for video include four which are dedicated for audio, this all keeps you geared for a fast edit. Now for some more cool capabilities in VideoStudio Pro X6, if you happen to have 4k footage, feel free to edit here. AVCHD 2.0, 60p and 3D round out the shortlist of supported video that prosumers might need to edit with. These will allow you to dabble in new projects while still providing for what you normally produce.

Many prosumers will appreciate the cooperation between VideoStudio Pro X6 and DSLRs. Call your software a USB-wired remote for your camera, which not only will provide a larger viewer, but can also help with stop motion production. For those technical videos or quick tutorials, VideoStudio Pro X6 allows for screen capture. You decide which frame rate to use, and have the option for capturing mouse clicks. One more feature to make your edits quick is a subtitle voice detection process that highlights where voice occurs in your footage. Talk about some easy editing for interviews.

While shopping you'll notice Pro or Ultimate versions, VideoStudio Ultimate X6 ($100) is virtually the same at the Pro X6 version, save for professional plug-ins from proDAD, NewBlue, and Boris FX. At $20 more, the pro plug-ins are a bargin, and should stimulate your creativity should your edit ever slow down.

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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