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Edit video with VideoStudio Pro X6, an $80 software program designed for anyone that wants a video editing software between the program that comes pre-installed with your computer and professional programs that cost upwards of $600. Corel's newest VideoStudio possesses features that will pique the interest of any editor.

Motion tracking, is one of those techniques you might associate with large-scale productions, VideoStudio Pro X6 shatters that notion by providing tracking tools, multiple simultaneously trackable visual effects. Your video can have a picture in a picture and mimic a motion path later. There are times you want to use motion tracking without a moving subject, and custom motion tracking makes this possible. If you've ever wanted to blot out a couple license plates for a car chase, try your hand with VideoStudio Pro X6's security mosaics. On the more exciting spectrum, you can simulate images on a screen by tracking motion with keyframes.

This video editing software is quite a pairing for action camera users, with quick cutting and adjustable exposure. The 21 tracks for video include four which are dedicated for audio, this all keeps you geared for a fast edit. Now for some more cool capabilities in VideoStudio Pro X6, if you happen to have 4k footage, feel free to edit here. AVCHD 2.0, 60p and 3D round out the shortlist of supported video that prosumers might need to edit with. These will allow you to dabble in new projects while still providing for what you normally produce.

Many prosumers will appreciate the cooperation between VideoStudio Pro X6 and DSLRs. Call your software a USB-wired remote for your camera, which not only will provide a larger viewer, but can also help with stop motion production. For those technical videos or quick tutorials, VideoStudio Pro X6 allows for screen capture. You decide which frame rate to use, and have the option for capturing mouse clicks. One more feature to make your edits quick is a subtitle voice detection process that highlights where voice occurs in your footage. Talk about some easy editing for interviews.

While shopping you'll notice Pro or Ultimate versions, VideoStudio Ultimate X6 ($100) is virtually the same at the Pro X6 version, save for professional plug-ins from proDAD, NewBlue, and Boris FX. At $20 more, the pro plug-ins are a bargin, and should stimulate your creativity should your edit ever slow down.

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Tue, 03/05/2013 - 10:47am

Press Release


Corel® VideoStudio® Pro X6 Delivers New Tools for the Hottest Trends in Video

Motion Tracking, Ultra HD, AVCHD 2.0 & enhanced DSLR support enables creators of any level to easily produce cutting-edge video projects

Ottawa, ON – March 5, 2013

Today Corel® announced the launch of VideoStudio® Pro X6, the latest version of the company's powerful yet easy-to-use video editing software. Based on the overwhelming response to last year's ground-breaking release, Corel has added even more advanced tools and state-of-the-art features increasing the value for a broader audience.

With support for Ultra HD and AVCHD 2.0 and tools like motion tracking and DSLR enlarge mode, VideoStudio Pro X6 tackles the latest in consumer video trends. The progressive tools, combined with the editor's ease-of-use and speed make VideoStudio Pro X6 the ideal solution for video editors of all levels to create high quality video content of any kind.

"When developing VideoStudio Pro X6, we made sure to stay true to our core values, which is to deliver an uncomplicated editing solution that is easy, fast, and capable of producing impressive results regardless of the users expertise," said Nick Davies, EVP & GM, Corel Software. "We also vowed to provide our users with the best in creative tools and features, which means staying ahead of the curve," added Davies. "Our new motion tracking capabilities, plus support of UHD and AVCHD 2.0 are perfect examples of how we are achieving this. The new tools in X6 in combination with those introduced in X5 - such as our screen recording tools - give VideoStudio Pro X6 an impressive list of pro-level options at a consumer level price. What used to cost users hundreds of dollars is now accessible for less than $80."

Corel VideoStudio Pro X6 Offers Even More Innovative Tools and Artistic Options

  • NEW! Motion Tracking: With the introduction of motion tracking, VideoStudio Pro X6 can automatically track moving objects and attach graphics, offering exciting new creative possibilities.
  • NEW! Customize Motion: As a complement to the new motion tracking functionality, VideoStudio Pro X6 also lets users define their own motion path which dramatically accelerates the process of setting animated paths. Motion tracking can also be used to animate still images and titles.
  • New! Ultra HD video support: VideoStudio Pro X6 offers a variety of 4k input, edit and output resolutions in both AVC and MPEG-4 formats helping users maximize the capabilities of 4K-enabled devices, including the new GoPro 3 Black.
  • New! AVCHD 2.0: VideoStudio Pro X6 offers full support of the latest AVCHD 2.0 specification, including AVCHD 3D, AVCHD Progressive, and AVCHD 3D/Progressive 50/60p profiles, for slow motion and action video. Users can also output their AVCHD project to SD card, complete with menu navigation and chapter points.
  • NEW! DSLR Stop Motion and Enlarge Mode: The new DSLR Enlarged Mode emulates the camera's viewfinder, providing a larger composition window with complete settings for aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and more. The cinematic quality of HD-DSLRs make VideoStudio Pro X6 ideal for pro-quality stop motion productions for users of any skill level from education to advanced stop motion artists.
  • New! Support for QuickTime movies with alpha channels: Adding to the products' compositing and effects capabilities, users can now import animated sequences that contain transparent backgrounds allowing them to create animations and video effects in popular 2D and 3D animation packages for use in VideoStudio Pro X6.
  • NEW Subtitle Editor: The new Subtitle Editor will automatically detect speech in video, providing an instant, editable list of potential subtitle moments, accelerating the production process when adding subtitles.
  • New! Swap tracks: Users can swap overlay tracks, making it faster and easier to reorganize a project containing multiple overlay tracks. When tracks are swapped, all associated media within each track is retained and carried over as well.
  • New! Variable Speed: The new Variable Speed feature allows users to quickly make adjustments to a project's playback speed at multiple intervals. Excellent for action and 50/60p video.
  • Enhanced! Screen capture: VideoStudio Pro X6 screen recording has been enhanced to give users control over the capture frame rate as well as give them the option to capture mouse clicks.

Corel® VideoStudio® Ultimate X6

Today Corel also announced the release of VideoStudio Ultimate X6. For editors looking to further explore their creative potential, this premium version offers a multitude of high-end plug-ins from proDAD, Boris Graffiti and NewBlue, providing over $500 in additional value. Users can add broadcast-quality effects, 2D and 3D titling, apply animated pen effects, image correction and video stabilization. VideoStudio Ultimate X6 gives users even more ways to create content-rich and professional looking movies.  For a full list of the plug-ins included in VideoStudio Ultimate X6 please visit

Availability and Pricing

Corel VideoStudio Pro X6 and VideoStudio Ultimate X6 are available immediately as an electronic download (ESD) and from selected Corel resellers. Boxed versions of the product start shipping today worldwide. Both versions are available in English, Japanese, German, French, Dutch, Italian and Traditional Chinese.

North American suggested retail pricing for VideoStudio Pro X6 (SRP) is $79.99 (US and CDN). Users of VideoStudio Pro X4 or higher are eligible for upgrade pricing of $59.99. Suggested retail price for VideoStudio Ultimate X6 is $99.99 or $79.99 for an upgrade.

To download a free, fully-functional trial version or for more information on Corel VideoStudio Pro X6, please

To access volume licensing for commercial and education organizations, please visit


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