Videomaker community says Goodbye to Birdcat - Friend and Moderator, Bruce Paul


One Hell of a guy! His presence and knowledge will be missed....

I never met Bruce in the 'real world', but I got to know him well from our many exchanges in the forums and through messaging. He was a well-grounded guy and could break down information like few guru's can. 'Cat was always eager to give solid info and advice to newbies and experienced members. He was also just as eager to learn about new things even when it involved something he was expert in. That's rare and I am glad to have encountered him even as I did.

Last I'd heard from him, he'd completed his treatment and had stablized but the prognosis was for a limited amount of time. Looks like 'Cat still managed to buck the odds and made it pass the original predictions. Unfortunately, his time ran out. I will not mourn Bruce because such energy and positivity he possessed does not die. He has gone on to a far greater adventure than this and no doubt he has camera ready to record the next phase of existence.

Farewell Bruce and keep it focused!

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I also never met Bruce in the

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I also never met Bruce in the real world but felt like I knew him.   He was always kind, helpful, and encouraging.  


One of the wonderful things about the forums is that he was able to touch the lives of many people from around the county and the world. 


He will be missed!



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Just reading his advice...

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I've been at the PC today, catching up on forum posts. "Birdcat" responded to many of the posts, and with damn fine information. Now I read he has passed from this life.


My condolences to his family, friends and all who knew him. Life is fragile.