Video of the Day: “Un Jour En Thaïlande”

Spoiler alert! It's a travel video. 

Spoiler alert! It's awesome. 

Ian Watt, the man responsible for creating such wonderful visuals, had this to say about it.

"There was no agenda for this film. I simply got up early, grabbed my gear, and explored. Thailand is beautiful, you should check it out sometime. My goal for the film was to showcase the stillness of Thai culture, even in hectic places. I was so excited to make this film that the day after we came home, I finished the whole thing. Either jet lag works wonders, or I'm just out of my mind."

Ian shows in this video that art can be found in the unassuming. By filming from perspectives that are usually overlooked, we get a glimpse of a culture that could be taken for granted otherwise.


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