If you ask any given extreme sports athlete how they got their start, the usual story is that they started filming with friends and wanted to land some cool tricks on camera. Like we've said before, action fuels film and film fuels action.

60fps, light leaks, and a hot track will take you a long way. Those attributes definitely make for an excellent extreme sports video. We're stoked to see kids getting their hands on a camera and trying new things.


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A really hoopy frood.


  1. To Push-play, Thank you for your help I will use it in the future. And I do know it took me a long time to read all my rely's I never did finish that job after all the work I did and I couldn't get any one to drive me around town to take some of the shots I wanted to use so after a while I just gave up and I got another job that took me away from my video work but I'm back now and i'm ready to work again. So thank you again for your help, Maria