Film Production and YouTube Video - Future Partners?

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I didn't read much on partnership.  But I have to comment.  First, I will reveal I am an older person in their 50's.  But I have common sense and youtube is never going to be a pro level distribution center.  At least, not in the shape and form it is in.  It is immersed with rotten baloney videos and unfriendly navigation to find anything.  Perhaps a decade ago it was interesting, but it's gone beyond tolerable.  Then there is a the quality issue.  There are no standards, so you have so many formats that watching the same identical video from one person could be appalling from another cause you can't see it properly, or you can't hear it properly.  Very few videos on yourtube have any quality.  I realize that youtube allows flexible upload features, but I would think a majority dismiss it.  Then there is the genre issue.  Youtube is populated with videos by uploaders without any oversight or management.  So folks are uploading and doing what ever they can to hit the most audience... which includes tagging baloney names and words, hitting all genre and placing settings that do not relate to the video.  Unless I have a direct link to a youtube video of a particular subject, I stay far away from youtube and will be the last place I look for anything video!  my 2 cents.  sorry for the rant.




You are so correct and spot on - no need to apologize for your rant! I'm in total agreement that the youtuber generation has the lowest quality and production value of any venue out there (almost on par with facebook). There is no comparison to a well thought out storyboard, set design, lighting, makeup, etc. that has ever been expressed or seen on youtube.


Besides, getting the full effect of a large screen and sound system will never be found on a youtube channel, but I do find apalling irritating unwanted advertisements blocking the screen, not to mention the cheetos fingerprints on the keyboard and mouse after my kids are done with their time wasted indulgence.