Boris Film Style, Image Restoration, Key Blend, Light, Match Move, Particles

You’re logging your footage to your video editing software and you found a once in a lifetime clip, but is too grainy! You desperately visit Videomaker forums for a miraculous solution and one member points you to a “continuum unit.” Is not a physics measurement, is the new Boris Continuum Units Product Family.

Previously sold as a $1000 bundle, Boris Continuum Complete filters are now available as separate Boris Continuum Units, allowing artists to choose toolsets that are geared towards their specific needs. Over 200 comprehensive filters across 16 categories of effects, can be purchased separately for Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion, and Sony Vegas Pro. Some of these categories include 3D particles, lens flares and lights, chroma keys and mattes, color correction tools, blurs, glows, and film effects. Pricing ranges from $199 to $299 per Unit and upgrades from previous Unit versions are available for $49.95.

The new Boris Continuum Units product family is immediately available from the Boris FX website at


By the way, to ease you of the pain of your grainy footage, Continuum is there to help with their “Image Restoration” unit, which reduce noise, remove flicker, upscale SD to HD, repair bad pixels, smooth and soften skin imperfections, and remove unwanted foreground objects.