Thunderbolt or USB 3.0--Which is the Better Option?

Cables connected into the back of an iMac



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I've been too busy to garner any info on this subject. This informative, one-page article got the job done. Thanks very much!

USB 3 vs Thunderbolt

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I assemble gaming high speed pc's so I decided to go with the Thunderbolt only to discover that Windows will not let it work and they will not supply any drivers for it. It is for their Apple products only at this time. Point to note is that Thunderbolt will work if you make your own drivers but that it has to be connected with system off and cannot be disconnected unless power is off unlike USB 3. It will cause your Motherboard to take a fit and possibly shock it to death if you get my meaning (in my case it killed my SSD drive). Some of these new drives do have both ports to go for PC(USB3) or Mac(Thunderbolt) but not together. You have to format it for the OS your going to use and further note Windows will not update it to work for win7 PC at present. So I advise bypassing these expensive Thunderbolt drives and stick with USB3 - which works great and if they increase USB3 speed - even better.

I like USB better because it

I like USB better because it's so universal, most devices have it and you don't have to worry about compatibility. The difference in speed is not a deciding factor for me.

Mac Mini with USB3 Display on Ustream

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I can start Ustream with both the LG 29:9 HDMI and the NOC USB3 16:9 display and Ustream runs properly.

Unplug the HDMI, the USB display continues properly with Ustream.

Quit Ustream, unplug (leave unplugged) the HDMI Display, and start Ustream ... Can't start because it "needs a Quartz Extreme compatable monitor".


In the field, I want to run with the USB display only - power requirements. Otherwise, the USB monitor works great.


QUESTION: If it works at all with only the USB (not startup), then why can Ustream not start without the HDMI LG capability. I expect there may be a setting [spoof] involved to make the work.


Other equip include BM Infin Extr, Shuttle, Cameras, 5.8G wireless camera - but, there should have nothing to do with the problem.