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Order your 4k content from T3Media.

Ordering food at a counter, is for many kids, a big step. We as video editors are constantly having to take steps to keep up with video technology, so how do we plan to deal with one of the new menu items, 4k?

Well, let's start with a little perspective, video at the resolution of 3840×2160 isn't exactly new, but having it available on the menu board of the Edit Bay Café which caters to small business videographers and independent filmmakers is new. There have been specials on 3D technology for quite some time, but mixed reviews have shown it to be more of a delicacy, and not the choice for many regulars. What may be most surprising about 4k is that many software programs already support it. That's right, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, Final Cut Pro X, and Vegas Pro 12 , are like a divided plate with a section for ultra high resolution.

Since we're theoretically ready to sit down to a meal, let's talk about what's driving this technology. Many companies have been storing 4k video for three years now – how and exactly what they use, is sure to vary, but what T3Media is aiming to do is ensure that no one has to stack up a bunch of hard drives in the corner. The plan is to use Linear Tape-Open and Linear Tape File System to preserve media's shelf life. T3Media basically offers an expansive pantry for your content. No need for grand numbers on your hard drives, so – At what speed? – becomes the next FAQ, how fast can you get the footage that you need, to continue working? The process is simple, and is a step, so that's where editors will need to walk up to the counter and order. Like some of the best meals, 4k can't be hurried.

So what if you want 4k video but can't find a place that serves any up for your viewing pleasure? Find a digital projection theater and consume that experience, then apply what you see to fixed camera and wide situations like a soccer or hockey game. This will give you a good sample of what 4k is, and then be on the lookout for up conversions of some older movies, they're sure to be better than yesterday's special.

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