Nessie Shows Up on Radar at CES 2013

A Videomaker Spotlight Award goes to Nessie from Blue Microphones!

Blue Microphones Nessie is at CES 2013, but this one shouldn't be found in the water. Nessie can adapt according to who or what is projecting sound, as any elusive beast knows. In all seriousness, it's a microphone that has a built-in pop filter, built-in shockmount, adjusts EQ, applies dessers and can adjust levels in real-time. You get to direct Nessie into the nets of vocals, instruments or raw audio.

Getting Nessie to sound back is also important, so headphone monitoring has zero latency. The microphone can adjust in a "serpentine" manner and captures sound in a cardiod pattern. The connection for recording will come via USB 2.0 and can be adapted for an iPad. Nessie can be tamed of course, and let you operate manually if you prefer to do your own equalizing work.

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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