mobile phone with a white attachment to look like a compact camera

You know you do it – you use your phone's camera for video. We couldn't help but read about write about at least one phone accessory at CES 2013. The snap-on peice does require a snappgrip case. A photography app and Bluetooth allow the control to go from grip to camera, and the whole accessory is powered via an internal battery that must be charged through a Micro USB cable. The smoothness and responsiveness is sure to be the real test. Sometimes we wish consumer camcorders could have attachments like the snappgrip to bring manual controls. This is a fun patent pending product that is seeking funding on Kickstarter until January 29. There's not a huge variety of cases, but they do apply for the iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and Samsung GALAXY S3. The added ability to zoom in and out, change a few shooting modes and half-press to focus, combine with the standard tripod thread for a nice addition at $99.

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