CES 2013 – PowerDirector Mobile Edits Video in Five Steps

Videomaker chooses CyberLink and PowerDirector Mobile to win Best Editing Software.

CyberLink is a staple when it comes to editing software. Now PowerDirector has made it to the tablet. The process in PowerDirector Mobile is broken down into five steps, import, edit, style, preview, and produce. Any media stored on your tablet is game to be imported and edited, and many cameras now have the capability of sending video to tablets over Wi-Fi. A storyboard interface is the editing format, with video marked with play buttons, led one after the other. The Style section includes theme templates as well as titles, credits and effects, and with real-time preview. If you have more work to do at this stage, you can send your project to a computer to be completed in PowerDirector 11, but if you're done, it's easy to share. As a complete editing solution, CyberLink sure delivered to Windows 8 users with PowerDirector Mobile, available in the Windows Store for $15.

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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