Good Shooting Techniques Record Great Holiday Events

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I shoot events at my church

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I have been shooting video for the kids program at my church, I usually shoot with 2-3 cameras and the subject matter is, they do lessons with puppets under black light.  I had to figure out how to get the effect to show in the final video. I have to increase the sharpness form my two consumer cameras amd then slightly increase contrast and increase color saturation to get the puppets to appear to glow a bit and increase contrast and reduce brightness on the live parts to get everything balanced, the lighting was to hot. For sound, I use the AOA audio extractor to pull the sound of the best stream and then run it through the Levelator which boost voices a bit over the other noise, levels the sound and auto corrects other issues. If i have greater problems with the sound I will pull it into Audacity to do finer sound correction. The lights are already set up in the venue and I don't have provide light.

So far the videos are well recieved, and they want me back for the next project.