Video camera with viewfinder open at event.

As we all know, making truly remarkable video alone is no easy task. That's why one of Videomaker's own forum users, John Sachanda, has taken it upon himself to put together a videographer Meet and Greet for Chicago area video enthusiasts. 

Of course, it's always great to be able to meet local people who share a common interest, but in the video and film industry, meeting others and sharing ideas is essential for staying relevant. We occasionally host these types of events here in Chico, and have found them to be extremely valuable. Our imediate goal has been to network with individuals who are working with video every day, but we've noticed a pleasant side-effect: people exchanging creative ideas and techniques. It's all too common in our field to see someone else's work then strive toward replicating their success.  That's not necessarily a bad thing. As the saying goes, "Good artists copy. Great artists steal." There's one more step every creative minded person should take, however, and that's to actually engage in conversation with the person who's technique you're hoping to emulate. Learning from the experiences of others can only help when improving your skills.

If you're in the Chicago area and would like to meet like-minded videograhers, swing by the videographer's meet and greet at the Hinsdale Public Library on Thursday, January 17th. If you think you'll be able to make it, let John know by posting in his forum thread.

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Mike Wilhelm
Mike is the Editor-in-Chief of Videomaker and Creator Handbook


  1. Hello John:


    I've been interested in getting more into video on a larger scale… right now all I have is a consumer camcorder and editing software. But I'd like to work on documentaries one day!


    Would this event be something a person like me would benefit from? Or is it geared more towards those more professional videographers?


    I live in near by Racine, Wi. and would like to know if it's worth to drive?




    James Bush, Jr.

  2. James, this event is open to video enthusiats of all skill levels. The idea is to meet others who can and want to share their interests and experiences. Sometimes talking with someone for a few minutes can answer a lot of questions. Hopefully, you will meet someone with whom you can continue a conversation online. Currently, we hope to have 10-15 people at the event. One of the participants lives in Lake County IL, just across the border from you. Events like these are what you make of it, so you will have to decide if the trip is worth it. I would certainly be happy to talk with you about your goal to do a documentary. I have the same goal. Also, you can always use the Forums for help. The Videomaker subscriber group is great for helping out all skill levels. Like any skill, you have to practice to get good. So, use whatever equipment you have and start producing content. You will learn from each project. Start small, finish Big!