Vimeo Pay-to-View Makes Movies Easy to Get


Vimeo has a new way to help Vimeo PRO users earn money.

There is Tip Jar, but these movies take it up a notch and have varying hours of access, making for decent-length rentals. The best part is, it's fully on demand. So the story here is that you make your viewing purchase and are allowed access via Vimeo's site for a given length of time. Where videos may be viewed is defined by country, as of these previews. With the limits that producers will be allowed to place on their work's distribution, pay-to-view might really become a strength for independent filmmakers.

One area which is going to be delved into is the cost of viewing. The examples here are slightly greater in price than Amazon Instant Video, though Vimeo is set to reach many, more varied audiences. The variables here will come from the content producers who will be able to set their own prices. Under such a system it's likely to take time and some trial and error to get a feel for what your audience will pay for the video that you produce. What's also a highlight is the direct interaction between producer and viewer, and while most viewers won't need any bonus content, it should be very rewarding for both fans and producers to have an easy way to share such experiences.

The length of movies is sure to differ greatly, with the staff-picked six movies falling in the feature-length category. If Vimeo's staff continues to pick favorites a much deeper community can be grown. The other very important reason that the pay-to-view Vimeo service can shine is if it uses the Tip Jar's formula – 85 percent of a video's earnings go to the producer. Vimeo movies have the power to become quite the competitors to the traditional movie theater and with ease of access, and movies at $5-$9. The test of this service is active now, and the real thing is set to launch in early 2013. Video again comes to the cusp of entertainment's changing landscape.

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Jackson Wong is an associate editor for Videomaker.

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