Videomaker Challenge 7: Sound Effects Only

Digital waveforms for audio signals


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I'm so glad I've found these challenges :-)


Is it too late to submit for previous weeks?



All sound effects? No natural sounds??

DANG! I just gave away my H - U - G - E Hollywood sound effetcs library, thinking I'd never again ( greatfully ) have a use for it after a 26 year career in LA post production.


Hhmmm . . . . my was was a foley artist . . . . .


Rick Crampton


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Is there a reference video we all should use for this challenge?


sosoqqq's picture AH I have been expecting for this happen and it is nice to know that it did! I also did an academic writing about it but was not sure how it all goes, so this has been quite helpful. You have done a good job!