Videomaker Challenge 6: Improve Your Color

For the last challenge, we had you shoot for reverse. For challenge 6, we want you to spend some time at the edit bay and exercise your finishing skills.

As a reminder, everyone who participates gets a complementary 3-month subscription to Videomaker Plus!

Videomaker Challenge 6: Improve Your Color

For this challenge, we want you to take some footage straight from your camera and show us how you've improved the color. Now, when we say color, what we mean is Brightness, Contrast, Hue, and Saturation. I don't care how good your raw footage is, just about every shot could use a coat of polish in post. Be sure to include before and after shots so we can see the improvement!

If you need some help, check out these Videomaker resources:

Color Correction 101

Color Correction 201

How to Color Correct Video – (This one is a training video for Videomaker Plus members only).

How to Submit a Video:
It's a simple, two-step process.
1. Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo.
2. Post your submission in a Videomaker Forum Topic here.

The last day to submit your video is November 30th.

Dust off your scopes (anyone using scopes any more?) and get to work!


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Mike Wilhelm
Mike Wilhelm
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