Videomaker Weekly Challenge: Week 3

Camera and Actor


I allready sent it to you in the forum, but it didn't appear.


Looking for THE shot.

It is not my best shot, but the luckiest one.
Shooting a sunset for a time lapse, a helicopter crossed in front of the sun, then I thought it was a waste of time, but reviewing the image, I saw that it was not so bad.


Kept on my records, because it is very hard to have this scene without renting an chopper.

Paul, from Chile

Great videos

@jumpingforkangaroos Thanks! I made a forum thread in your name here: Don't forget to tell us why you like your shot(s)!


@pmalbec We've had a chance to look at your shot and it should appear here: Also, your shot is on the front page today. Congrats!

Mike Wilhelm

Videomaker's Editor-in-Chief

Answers to your questions (for me, at least).

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OK, so week 2 was pretty slow. Was the challenge too hard? Did it require too much time? Was it just plain lame?


No, no, and no. My answer is that I was simply too busy. I didn't even have time to check the website to see what the week 2 challenge was about. I'm pretty sure that will happen again because it seems like I NEVER have enough time to do what I want. However, I have a suggestion. I, for one, would like to put my email address on a list of your regular 'challenge' junkies. You could send out an email blast to those on the list with the challenge details, the deadline, and any other pertinent information. That way we will at least know what and when and we can make an individual decision about whether or not we have time to make an entry.


What do you think?




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Great Idea!

Thanks for the suggestion, Larry! I'll pass this along to the folks who manage our normal newsletter.

Mike Wilhelm

Videomaker's Editor-in-Chief