Tripods - Two Do's, Don'ts and More


I don't understand the logic

I don't understand the logic "Do remember to get the tripod plate off the camera"  Shouldn't it be "Do remember to always leave the tripod plate on the camera, so it can be readily attached to the tripod"    A simple solution is... if you use multiple cameras, buy multiple plates! 

Tripod Plates

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What you say about having extra tripod plates is sage advice, but not always as simple as just leaving it on the camera. The Bogen style that I have uses a big thumb wheel thing underneath, so I can't set the camera down on a table or anything - it just tips over! Also cannot leave that style of mount on when putting camera in the bag.


My logic is that at the end of the shoot, the tripod plate goes on the tripod - next time I go out, I might grab a different camera, or could be bringing JUST a tripod to a shoot to help a friend and what happens if the plate is missing? I do have extra plates, but ONE is ALWAYS on the tripod!