Congrats to HP Elitebook Laptop Winner

The HP Elitebook laptop sweepstakes concluded last week. We received over 1000 entrants, so it took a little while to find a hat big enough to put all the names into! The winner receives an H Elitebook Laptop with Intel Core i7 2.30GHz, 16 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, NVIDIA Quadro 5010M, 17.3" Display, and Windows 7 Professional.  It's one of the most powerful video editing computers available, so there's no surprise that there were definitely a lot of people vying for this prize.

But we're happy to say that today we're finally able to announce the winner. Are you ready?

Congratulations to Andrew Montiveo!

Andrew is a 27 year old Los Angeles freelance writer/editor whose primary area of focus is covering the automotive and media fields. A film and media graduate of UC Irvine, Andrew has worked as a private tutor in film, history, international relations, government, and English. Most recently, he completed work on an international media production involving forensics expert Dr. Henry Lee, and is currently in talks with an international media corporation as an editorial contributor. With a passion for history, he's now researching and writing historical essays on Byzantine civilization.

“I developed my interest in video production from a personal love for film, hence my studies in the field,” says Andrew. “I've been saving up for a new Elitebook and pro media software in order to develop my own centralized media center. I am very interested in developing literary adaptations for the screen, as well as web-based media. With the Elitebook in hand, now I'm free to look at a new video camera and related equipment.”

Congratulations to Andrew, winner of the first Videomaker sweepstakes! But don't worry; we've got plenty more giveaways planned for the future, so you'll still have more chances to win. Right now, we've already begun our next contest. We're giving away a brand new iPhone 5 with 4-inch Retina display, IPS LCD, Apple A6 System Chip, Dual Core Processor, 16 GB storage, and LED camera. Click to enter and keep reading Videomaker for announcements about more giveaways.

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