5 Advertising Tricks for YouTube: Get More Views for your Video

YouTube is the most popular online video platform for video makers and video watchers. This video-networking site receives over 800 million unique users each month and has become the second largest search engine, right below Google itself. The video watching audience (3 billion hours each month) is growing and so are the number videos uploaded every hour, minute and second.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get those people to watch your videos on YouTube? The potential for a good videogarpher is plain.  You've got a world-wide audience out there just waiting to see your videos… you just need a way to get their attention. Every director and videographer working today is trying to use YouTube to show off their work and drive traffic to their business. But not all of them will be successful. What makes the difference? Subject matter and content play a large role in the popularity of your videos, but you also may be neglecting the many tools and shortcuts YouTube offers to help promote your video. Videomaker's latest free report 5 Advertising Tricks for YouTube: Get More Views for your Video will show you the best practices for driving the maximum numbers of eyeballs to your online videos.

We've already talked about some ways that you can get more people to watch your videos online — from choosing the best possible video format for web distribution to picking content that will excite your viewers to share your work with their friends.  Now we're looking at the brass tracks business side of things.  Actually, don't panic, these tricks aren't designed for business majors.  They're just right for regular videographers who are looking to boost their views.  Videomaker wants you to have the best information about promoting your video on YouTube, so we've put together a free report with everything that you need to know to get the online attention you deserve. We asked SEO & online advertising expert Patrick Hughes of Buzzfarmers to compile this helpful guide to the five east steps to successfully turn those views into money. As an added bonus, this free report also includes the four simple steps to promoting your video through YouTube.  It's the perfect way to maximize your time and advertising budget when you're trying to get more people to watch your videos.

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