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Although no one owns the r

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Although no one owns the rights to "It's a Wonderful Life" and hasn't for a long time, someone, a business I believe, found out a few years back that they own the rights to the music in that movie, which is why every TV station in the country no longer shows it around Christmas, except for NBC who has paid a fee for the exclusive rights to air it. Even the big guys should tread lightly in this arena.

Interesting point, William

Interesting point, William, and another reason to keep tabs on what you're using. As I mentioned about the baroque music, if someone took that old sheet music and re-arranged it, they owned it and if you were going to use that tune, you had to go back to the old 1600s version, not the recent one. I remember reading a reason the old WKRP TV series has difficulties getting into the syndicated circuit is not the show but the music. I could be wrong, but i recall the story saying that parts of some segments had current pop songs of the era that the copyright owners won't sell so the show's syndicators tried to insert royalty-free tunes over the old classics, but in some scenes it was impossible to cover due to vocal interactions... or something.

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