Edelkrne Pocket Rig


As you may have seen on Videomaker.com, we recently got our hands on the Pocket Rig by Edelkrone. At Videomaker, we're strong believers that if you're shooting on a DSLR, support is essential. Since the bodies are so small, these are cameras where the center of gravity is often in the lens.  Combine that with the fact that the grip is vertical rather than horizontal, and you have yourself a recipe for wobbly video if you choose to shoot hand-held. We put the Pocket Rig on a Canon 5D Mark III and took it for a spin.

There are lots of great DSLR rigs out there that can help improve your shooting in a big way, but we've never seen one so compact. At just over one pound and collapsible down to only 5.5"x2.3"x2.1," It's easy to fit the Pocket Rig onto just about any DSLR. Like most rigs, it attaches to your camera with a single 1/4 20 threaded bolt. A large disc attached to the bolt makes attaching the Pocket Rig quick and easy. The Pocket Rig is made up of a single arm with a shoulder/chest mount for stabilizing handheld footage and a set of rails that extend out toward the lens. This is great if you need to attach a follow focus or rig handles. More simply, it also offers something other than the lens to hold on to when shooting.


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One downside to the Pocket Rig is that the support arm attaches to the side of the rig rather than the center, making it difficult in some situations to keep the DSLR from pivoting or panning. Pulling the camera toward your chest for support means you have to be using different amounts of force on either side of the camera. We would have liked to have seen a wing nut or other method of tightening this connection point. Edelkrone does include a small alan wrench, presumably for this purpose, but we had mixed results getting it tight enough.

Considering how compact the Pocket Rig is, it's wroth just leaving on your camera at all times. Should you need to put your camera on a tripod, there is a spot at the bottom of the rig that allows you to attach a standard tripod plate, or even a more full sized DSLR rig.


Compact Size

Collapsible form makes it easy to leave attached


Pivot point on the support can be difficult to control while shooting


Size: 5.5"x2.3"x2.1"

Weight: 1.2lb


Overall, the Edelkrone Pocket Rig is a useful tool for any run-and-gun DSLR shooter.

List Price: $400



Mike is the Editor-in-Chief of Videomaker and Creator Handbook