5 Reasons you Need More than Just a Camera


These are just a few minimum

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These are just a few minimum tools to keep with you at all times if you want to be a serious shooter and be ready at a moment's notice. And all together, they don't weigh you down too much. You'll be happy you had these with you, and you'll be on your way to making great video using good tools.

All we need now, is something to counter wind-noise

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Jennifer, I could place a 'check' on every single item on your list, as I always carry a carbon-fibre tripod over one shoulder and a very handy little 'Zoom H1' for off-camera sound. The problem is, that our coastline is very windy, leaving only winter as a time when wind-noise in microphones is able to be circumvented, and then, not all the time. My usual problem, is that of frequently returning from a day's shooting with not as much as a second of audio which I am able to use.

I don't expect a 'quick-fix' or universal panacea, just a simple suggestion, if anyone has one, as to some way of recovering, at least some of my audio.


No need to mention 'spectral analysis' etc. I have to do that now, to be able to recover any of my audio at all. Is there any effective counter to wind-noise? If so, I'd like to hear about it.


Ian Smith


Dunedin, New Zealand.


Ian,I posted a general comment on your issue but if you drop down another duplicate track of your audio and then use your EQ to remove all the bottom end, you will remove most of the huge rumbling from wind noise. You can then EQ back in some mids to give it some body but wind noise is almost always very low end frequencies. Play around with your audio filters to get the best sound. Good luck.

David in Burbank.


Even if a wind screen was used, most wind noise can be eliminated by dropping down another line of audio to thicken it and then, using your EQ, pulling out all of the bottom end which takes out the low rumble from the recorded track. You can adjust the volume and increase some of the mids to create some body but most of the thick noise is gone. It works.

Wind noise

Hi Ian


You don't say what type of audio you are hoping to capture. My Zoom H4 came with a handy little wind cover for the twin mikes and works quite well in windy Ireland! Its not perfect but some of the more blustery sound can be reduced in audio editing in Soundtrack Pro which is part of Final Cut Pro 7. If you are trying to record voices then you should be using a shotgun mike on a pole with a wind cover. If its just ambiant sound of the coast you are after then why not go out on a still day and record a load of sound on your Zoom and use this as an audio library for dubbing into your projects at a later date? That's what I do.


All the best.


Chris (Dublin)